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Special Education Hockey

Special Education Hockey is back!

Special Education Hockey is back for Spring 2020/2021!

SPRING SESSION: 4/10 through 5/8

DAY/TIME: Saturdays 2:10 - 3:10 p.m.

LOCATION: North Shore Ice Arena (NSIA)

Program Audience

Participation is cross categorical - any student aged 4 - 24 who presents with autism to developmental delay to behavior disorder and on through to cognitive impairment. For any interested participant who falls outside of the listed age range please contact the Special Education Hockey Director about potential participation on a per case basis.

Clinical Framework

There will be no hockey scrimmages or formally constructed games during the clinics, only skill building exercises and activities/games. Depending on the disabilities involved, lighting, noise level, and equipment can be adjusted on a per session/participant basis.

The number of participants will be capped at 10 per session. 

For Spanish dominant participants instruction will be provided in Spanish.

COVID-19 Protocols:

The coach, along with any and all volunteers, will wear  a mask while on the ice.

The players will not be required to wear masks. 

The players should dress at home and arrive ready to step on the ice.

Parents and Guardians should please practice social distancing and wear masks while observing the players engaging in activities on the ice.


Michael Strening, Jr. M.ED, LBS-1, Type 29 Bilingual, CE-3 USA Hockey coaching certification


$150 per skater

Fees include: ice time, professional coaches, jersey and socks.

Required Equipment

Team Jerseys and socks are provided by the club at no additional cost.

Full equipment is required. If you do not have equipment/skates, please contact the Director of Special Education Hockey as there is equipment/skates available for loan.

All players MUST have the following properly fitted equipment to take the ice for any practice, clinic or game:

  • HECC certified helmet with full face mask
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Shin guards
  • Cup and supporter for boys or pelvic protector for girls
  • Stick
  • Gloves
  • Hockey pants
  • Properly fitted and sharpened skates
  • Mouth guard
  • Neck guard 
  • Hockey socks (provided by the club)
  • Jersey (provided by the club) 

Equipment for WHA programs CANNOT be rented from the Park District or WHA. However, the Special Education hockey program has equipment/skates available for loan. Please contact the director of Special Education hockey for information on loaner equipment/skates; per COVID 19 protocols, the equipment and skates are in the process of being cleaned and sanitized. View our Gear page to find places where you can buy gear.

USA Hockey Membership

The Wilmette Hockey Association is a member of AHAI (Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois, a USA Hockey affiliate). 

Participation in our club requires a USA Hockey membership. USA Hockey membership, among other items, provides a comprehensive insurance program and provides protection for athletes while participating during sessions.

USA Hockey annual membership is $40.  Membership expire annually on August 31st. 

Register here for your USA Hockey membership.   

You must have a valid USA Hockey number prior to getting on the ice.


Please feel free to contact the Director of Special Education Hockey with any questions that you may have.

Michael Strening Jr

Special Education Hockey Director